European basset hound or American? What is the difference?

Europeans EuropeansEuropean Basset hounds are more to love!! The biggest difference is the skin. European  bassets have lots of extra skin which adds to the droop factor that basset hounds are known for. Many European basset hounds  have excessive skin that is pretty amazing.I began researching European kennels that are active in Show several years ago and became quite obsessed with them. I must warn you …they are much like potato  chips. One is not enough. (At least not for me). However they are also more expensive.They are so funny, and so goofy at times. They are very easy to fall in love with.The eyes are very expressive and droopy.The European basset hounds will grow into gentle giants. Typically weighing around 75 lbs.(or more if  your not careful).Some of our American bassets are on the small side. Ranging from 45 to 65 lbs. Our european basset hounds  are from the  best european champion  lines out there. Queens Hermelin, Gloomy Clown, Moravia Bray, are just a few of their lines. I did extensive research and waited as long as it took to get each and every one of my Europeans. They are truly big lap dogs and like the American basset hound….they make great family dogs!!♥