What about Pricing?

The price of our puppies is determined by the parents .  All of our upcoming  litters in 2022 are $1500-$2000. All of our European  litters are higher. The price is $1500 for our full Americans . All of our European breedings ( Half or Full European ) are $2000.  There may be variations in the baseline prices for some puppies that are rare in color such as laced ears or black and white bi colors . The cost of importing and purchasing one of these dogs is not cheap…but they are worth it. We regret that the rising cost of everything in 2022 from dog food to vet care and all the essentials for raising healthy happy hounds has caused us to have to go up on our prices of our Americans and half Europeans. When our females are bred…we will  post who has been bred on the upcoming litters page. All of our puppy prices are for limited registration except the litters that are ckc registered. They are full registration, however that is not a reason to put off spaying or neutering your puppy when it is age appropriate . We only have a few dogs that are not akc registered. However if one of the parents are AKC registered and the other parent is CKC registered…the litter will be registered with the Continental kennel club. Our AKC litters will have full registration available only to select homes. for an additional fee. All of our dogs are beautiful purebred basset hounds of Quality . The prices ,the origin, the colors , the size, pedigree and registration may vary but the end result is the same. A beautiful, loving , healthy ,happy basset hound raised in a home environment (not a kennel),extremely socialized and people imprinted. Our pricing is very fair, and I assure you that we are not in this for the money. The cost of medical care, planned C-sections, emergency C-sections, ultrasounds ,x-rays, proper nutrition , vaccines, wormings, special diets, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, artificial insiminations and breeding soundness exams ,vitamins ,annual exams not to mention the other vet expenses that are unavoidable……are a-lot but it is  because we love our dogs and puppies  that we are willing to pay the price.   Raising basset hounds for us is purely a labor of love ,and the health and happiness of our basset hounds and their puppies is our priority. The money we receive for our puppies goes into a dog account to continue providing our dogs and your potential puppies with the best care possible.