Basset Hound Puppies For Sale

Basset Hound Puppies For SaleAll of our puppies are the result of  planned breedings .The breedings are always supervised by us! After we have had a succesful breeding we start the process of waiting for a confirmed pregnancy.Momma dog pretty much is Queen at that point. Spending all her time inside lounging and getting special treatment. It is a very exciting time for us,waiting on the first signs of our new arrivals! We are extremely proactive in looking for any behavioural changes , and symptoms of pregnancy. On about the 34th day ..we pretty much know for sure that we have babies on the way. At this time we continue spoiling our moms and continue making sure she is getting what she needs. On about day 54…off we go to the vet for an x-ray.We want the heads of the babies measured and compared to the birth canal   to make sure she can have a successful natural birth. It is also important to get a head count so we know how many puppies to look for. If all goes well…we continue to wait !! Our veterinarian is always allerted to our due dates in case we see distress or a potential problem. If that happens…off we go back to the vet for a c-section if necessary. We often arrange for a c-section in advance if we feel the litter is too large  to have a successful natural birth without putting the mom and babies in danger. lWe do not take any chances or cut corners with the medical care our dogs receive. The health of the mom and the puppies is our priority.


After all the waiting..the nesting finally begins and it is not uncommon to go a couple days without sleep.We are hands on through the birthing process and don’t take our eyes off momma dog. The vet is on stand by and the car is always gassed up in case of a problem. Once the entire litter has been born (according to the x-ray head count),our attention is diverted to the newborns. We literally don’t leave them for a couple weeks unattended unless our mother ,(the grand-nanny), comes to puppy sit !!  That may seem obsessive to some people but that is how we do it here. They are born and raised  in our home  with no exposure to outside…except in areas that can be sanitized  so they are protected from contagious disease. When puppies leave here they will have plenty of time to romp and play in the grass. For us, protecting them from disease such as parvo is much more important than play time to an un-vaccinated litter!!  At 2 weeks we start the process of worming our puppies,and consistently do so as long as they are here. We rotate pyrantel and panacur for wormings. At about 3 weeks the little guys are ready to be introduced to puppy mush! I personally use purina pro plan puppy food.  They are trained from very early on to use the paper(or puppy pads). It is quite amazing to see how fast they catch on. I also have a doggie door that leads out to a puppy proof corral (SANITIZED OF COURSE). They are introduced to that as well , if weather permits. At 4 weeks old our puppies start taking NUVET vitamins to prepare for the immunity gap that they will go through after losing moms immunities. NUVET is a multivitamin and immune system strengthener. It is a staple at my house for my dogs and puppies. We do require that you continue these vitamins at the very least until they are fully vaccinated. For more information on these vitamins….have a look at our informative page on NUVET. This page is at the bottom center of any page on our website.  At 6 weeks old….our basset  hound puppies go to the vet for a complete wellness exam, fecal and vaccines. They are kept current on wormings and vaccinations as long as they are here with us. It is important for the families that  we sell our basset hound puppies to, to continue providing them with the same quality of care that we give them. The puppies that we sell are guaranteed to not have any life threatening conditions. They have been given a clean bill of health before they leave. We suggest that you take your puppy to your personal veterinarian within 5 business days and if your veterinarian finds a life threatening problem that our veterinarian did not…we will gladly take back our puppy and refund your money.We will not ,however,refund vet cost that you acquired and it is your responsibility to provide the transportation to return her or him to us if we cannot. The basset hound  puppies that we sell have received the very best care possible while they are here,but once they leave we cannot control what they are exposed to!! It is always our suggestion to never put your puppy on the floor at the vets office,pet smart,rest areas,or any place that dogs frequent to protect them from contagious disease. It is your responsibility to continue the vaccination schedule that is given to you.  That is very important!! They should be completely vaccinated at 16 weeks old. They will leave here not only healthy but extremely people imprinted and socialized. They have been loved sense the day of conception (before they were even born)and it shows. Our puppies are ready  to go to there new homes by the time they are 8 weeks old . In some cases earlier or even later. Our basset hound puppies are sold with limited registration as family pets in most cases. I expect to have show quality puppies available in the future out of our European litters and full registration will be available to select homes. Our responsibility to our puppies does not stop the day the puppy leaves. We love to stay in touch and exchange photos ,talk on the phone, arrange play dates,etc.We are always only a phone call away in case of hardship and stand behind our basset hound puppies. If things for whatever reason do not work out…THEY CAN ALWAYS COME BACK TO US, or we will assist you in placing them in a forever ,loving home. We know that sometimes things just don’t work out due to unforeseen circumstances and we  will continue to be there for you and the puppy (no questions asked) .We urge you to please contact us first, before you re-home one of our puppies.

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